5 Natural cures for premature ejaculation

By | June 27, 2024
5 Natural cures for premature ejaculation

Natural cures for premature ejaculation. Even if premature ejaculation has no damaging effect on your body, it is a potential deal-breaker in relationships so you must avoid it as a man. However, premature ejaculation is nothing to beat yourself up over since there are several natural remedies that will get rid of the problem

See Natural cures for premature ejaculation:

1. Watermelon: This fruit is key for men that are battling premature ejaculation. One important benefit is that it aids the relaxation of the blood vessel with no side effects. If you did not know, the main component of making the change is the phytonutrient a.k.a citrulline, and this component boosts the libido.

2. Carrot: This fruit does not just prevent cancer or maintain your skin tone, it also cures premature ejaculation. You will notice a huge difference after a few weeks if you keep using it two times on a daily basis.

3. Ginger, honey and hibiscus flower essence: Alternative medicine recently disclosed that a mixture of ginger, honey, and hibiscus flower essence is a good solution to the problem since they all boost circulation, especially blood flow to the penis. Ginger and honey are also home to amino acid L-tryptophan, which helps with the boosting of your serotonin levels.

4. Oyster: Oyster has been used as an aphrodisiac for a long time. Research has proven that the zinc it comes with helps with the maintenance of a healthy sperm count and the male hormone testosterone. It boosts the libido as well.

5. Ginger: Popular for being able to get rid of sexual issues like premature ejaculation, when mixed with honey, it has also been proven to boost libido and performance. However, if you have battled kidney stones in the past, or diabetes, stay away from it.

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