What Causes Mouth Odour Even After Brushing?

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What Causes Mouth Odour Even After Brushing?. Bad breath, also known as halitosis, results from poor oral health practices, or it can even be an indicator of other health problems. This condition can worsen depending on the type of food you consume and other detrimental lifestyle habits.

According to the NCBI,”50% of the general population are identified to have halitosis.”

Here are a few top causes of bad breath and instructions on what to do about it.

Build-Up of Bacteria on Tongue

The backside of your tongue consists of gaps and grooves. This place forms the perfect dwelling for the odour-producing bacteria to develop and emit a bad breath. Though a tongue scraper helps to remove the accumulated junk on the tongue, there is no proof that it actually removes the bacteria. The reality is, a tongue scraper cannot reach all the way to the back of your tongue, and neither can your toothbrush. There could be a small difference by cleaning with this gadget, but it doesn’t last through the day. You can also use mouth cleansing solutions that are safe for your oral health, but to get the perfect remedy, it is wise to contact a dentist in Balmain, who will offer the best solution to reduce the activity of bacteria that is causing the bad breath.

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Dental Plaque

Plaque is a bacterial coating that forms on your teeth and gums naturally. This can also lead to the foul smell in your mouth. All you can do here to visit a Balmain dentist regularly to keep the plaque away for some time. But, as soon as you consume food and drinks, these bacteria tend to grow back again. For this, along with a regular dental check-up, you must also follow a good oral care routine at home. Use antibacterial toothpaste that could help remove the bacteria. Flossing after brushing your teeth can also eliminate the particles that hide in between your teeth.

Dry Mouth

Saliva is a natural cleanser in your mouth that removes the particles that tend to create bad odours. But many people suffer from dry mouth due to less secretion of saliva in the mouth. Dry mouth can happen during sleep, which is the cause of the stinky morning breath. It gets worse when you sleep with your mouth open. The condition of dry mouth could also be caused by taking a lot of medications. Many medicines can cause your mouth to become dehydrated, and the condition can get worse when you take more doses of these medicines. The best solutions can be to sip on water frequently, and to get the help of a dentist in Balmain, as the reason for a dry mouth could be many.

Some diseases like cancer, metabolic disorders, gastroesophageal reflux disease can also cause bad breath. So, don’t wait until your condition gets worse. Visit a nearby dental clinic in Balmain today, they will take necessary steps to identify the cause of your bad breath and will ensure long term gum and tooth health.

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