Go from 40 seconds man to 40 minutes man with these three amazing ingredients

By | July 12, 2024

Men, this is a healthy way to boost your s*xual performance naturally with these three amazing ingredients without visiting the hospital or spending excess money on drugs.

These three amazing ingredients when mixed together will make you to sing songs of praises.


To prepare this smoothie s*xual booster you’ll need these three ingredients, which are

1. 3 sticks of Carrot

2. 3 Ripe Banana

3. A glass of Milk

Carrot contains vitamin A and antioxidants, carotene which improves male’s fertility.

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Banana contains potassium and bromelin. Potassium aids in s*x hormones production while bromelin is an enzyme that improves blood flows and also increases libid0.

Milk contains calcium which gives essential minerals for muscle and strength and also helps to reduce stress.

Blend the three ingredients together, until is thoroughly blended and you’ll get a tasty smoothie booster drink.

Drink it morning and night, two hours before the show begins.

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Originally posted 2020-06-24 23:02:47.