How To Prepare Fante Kenkey

By | June 22, 2024
Fante Kenkey

Fante kenkey is one of the most sought-after carbohydrates foods in Ghana. In our previous recipes we looked at how to prepare Ga Kenkey.

The main ingredient of fante kenkey is corn dough which is gotten primarily form maize. Although it can be served with several soups or stew of choice, most people prefer to mash or blend it into a smoothie.

Ingredients for fante kenkey

  • Corn dough
  • Corn husk or dried plantain leaves
  • Water
  • Salt

Equipment needed

  • Big cooking pot
  • Wooding spatula

Steps to prepare fante kenkey

  • Mix half of corn dough with reasonable amount of water
  • Add little amount of salt
  • Boil corn dough until halfway cooked
  • Spread the semi boiled dough on a big clean saucepan and add the remaining faw corn dough using a wooden spoon or spatula.
  • Mix thoroughly and mold into desirable sizes
  • Wrap the dough with the corn husk or plantain leaves
  • Place cooking pot (a big one) onto the source of heat.
  • Place some corn husk or plantain leaves at the bottom of cooking pot (a big one) and arrange the molded/wrapped dough nicely.
  • Add enough water
  • Set fire
  • Cover and boil until well cooked.
  • To check whether the kenkey is cooked, you can remove one with a wooden spatula and assess.
  • Serve with any stew or soup of your choice. You can also used to prepare mashed kenkey.

What to serve Fante kenkey with

It can be served with:

  • Hot pepper sauce
  • Soups (light soup, groundnut soup, ebunuebunu, palm nut soup, etc.)
  • Shito
  • Sugar and groundnut
  • Stew

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