How to prepare Kokonte

How to prepare Kokonte. You have special guests coming over. What do you cook for them? Perhaps you want to impress your family with a special meal tonight. Try out this simple guide to prepare delicious kokonte and that will make you everyone’s favorite

Kokonte is a staple eaten in many parts of , Togo and other West African countries. It is primarily made of dried cassava flour.

The method of preparation is similar to that of banku and tuo zaafi. It has a unique brown color which differentiates it from banku, fufu, akple or tuo zaafi.

Kokonte or konkonte is mostly taken as lunch or dinner and served with , okro stew, light soup, or ground pepper.

Kokonte also known as face the wall is sold in local eateries (chop bars) in and can also be prepared at home.

I am going to give you a complete step by step guide on how to prepare this meal. Stay with me.

Ingredients for kokonte

  • Dried cassava flour
  • Water

Tools needed

  • Spatula
  • Cooking pot

Steps to prepare kokonte

  • Pour two cups of water into a metallic cooking pot
  • Place it on the sauce of heat and boil
  • Whiles boiling, fetch some of the hot water and set aside.
  • Add 2 and half cups of cassava flour to the boiling water in bits
  • Stir with the wooden spatula whiles adding to ensure there is no lumps formation.
  • Knead the mixture with the wooden ladle to form a thick and consistent paste.
  • Continue kneading till you get the texture you need with no lumps.
  • When cooked, use a small bowl to scoop and mould into desired sizes.
  • Serve whiles hot with or .
  • Store the remaining into a refrigerator or container.

Kokonte or konkonte is mostly taken as lunch or dinner and served with groundnut soup, okro stew, light soup, palm nut soup or ground pepper.

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